Woodhouse Ridge - What is it?

Ahhh… it’s a bit complicated, that’s what it is…

On the eastern flank of Headingley Hill in the City of Leeds, ( West Yorkshire, England) with glimpsed views over the Meanwood Valley.....

Where lean back-to-back terraces and plump Victorian villas abut  an encapsulated urban woodland ..... A steep linear woodland park with grassy  glades and open meadows….             

a palimpsest of a long-faded Edwardian pleasure garden....a civil war battlefield..... a little piece of the old wilde woode

A link in the Meanwood Valley Trail leading to open country at Adel  ....... The first leg on the Dales Way long distance footpath  ........

A wonderful playground for walkers, joggers, strollers,  lovers, cyclists, and artists  - kids too, ....a tobogganing slope ....... and a wildlife haven... and access to a natural environment for inner urban communities.

Where it is

About 1.5 miles north of the city centre, on the hillside west of the Meanwood Road, extending between Woodhouse Street and Grove Lane. Click here for an interactive aerial photo / location map* of the Ridge Woodland  - and wonder at its very survival as a green space . (Clue: its pretty steep....)

What WRAG is about

But ... for us, its also a great place to help, to put something back,  to support, to get involved with and  meet like-minded people.......

That’s what WRAG* is for, we’re an action group, Woodhouse Ridge Action Group, now in our 25th year (established in 1995) to turn around the decline of an un-managed, under-resourced and apparently unloved woodland, and still at it.…

Action Days

We carry out practical conservation and path maintenance activities; have done since 1995….

It’s healthy exercise in the great outdoor green gym. We would break for tea/coffee and have a picnic barbie lunch but this is on-hold due to Covid-19. Why not join us, go on give it a go… It wouldn’t happen if we stopped doing it….. Click here for our Volunteer Policy

Corporate Groups

We also welcome support from corporate groups for away days and in the past have welcomed Yorkshire Bank, Yorkshire Building Society, Willis Towers Watson, Tesco, Camelot

Woodhouse Ridge

is managed by Leeds City Council’s Parks and Countryside Service, with which WRAG has a Community Partnership Agreement since 2012.

If you have any queries about The Ridge’s management, contact Justin Williamson (woodland) tel 0113 378 6002 or Lee Dacre (for everything else) - tel 0113 378 9976  

In case of anti-social activity or flytipping contact ParksWatch on 0113 232 9973 or the Police

Our Action Days

2021 Action Days

Generally the last Sunday of the month, from 10am - 2pm

31 Jan cancelled - 28 Feb cancelled - 28 March cancelled - 25 April? -

30 May? - 27 June - 25 July -

(no August session) - 26 September -

31 October - 28 November -

(no December session)

Committee meetings


In normal times, we would meet at the Chemic Tavern, but temporarily are meeting via Zoom on the Wednesday 11 days before each Action Day at 7.30pm. Usually last an hour or so. We discuss past and forthcoming action day tasks, projects, heritage, fundraising, liaison with Parks and Countryside. Let WragSec know if you want any issues raising……

*wrag = woodhouse ridge action group

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